Colombia - Edwin Noreña


Variety Caturra
Process Honey, Carbonic Maceration, Peach Infusion
Region Circasia, Quindio
Producer Edwin Noreña
Farm Campo Hermoso
Altitude 1750 - 1900masl

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Tropical Fruit,


Finca Campo Hermoso, located in Circasia, Quindio, Colombia, at altitudes of 1750-1900 meters, covers 25 hectares and is renowned for its experimental Bourbon and Caturra coffees. Under the leadership of Edwin Noreña, a fourth-generation farmer and coffee innovator, the farm produces outstanding, unique coffee profiles.

Inspired by the craft beer industry, Edwin has devised a distinctive co-fermentation method. By introducing ingredients like hops and dehydrated fruits into the fermentation tanks, he enhances the natural fermentation process, resulting in exceptional and distinct coffee profiles. This innovative approach involves two 72-hour fermentations and meticulous cherry selection.

In contrast to traditional coffee farmers, Edwin’s method eliminates the need of water use, helping to reduce the usual excessive water usage in coffee processing.

Edwin's unique coffee-making process involves carefully selecting cherries with a minimum Brix level of 23, fermenting them for 24 hours in 30kg plastic bags, followed by a 72-hour carbonic maceration with coffee cherry juice in a large tank.

The resulting liquid serves as the foundation for his co-fermentation. After de-pulping, cherries and this liquid, along with other compounds, sit in smaller tanks for 72 hours.

The coffee then undergoes 25 days of sun-drying on African beds, followed by eight days of humidity stabilization in a warehouse before being stored in grain-pro bags.