Sanjuanero - Colombia (Decaf)


Producer Colectivo de Caficultores de Huila
Process Washed, Decaf with Sugar Cane
Region Huila, Colombia
Variety Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Altitude 1250 - 2000 masl

Sanjuanero is produced by a group of coffee growers from the Huila coffee region in Colombia.
This cooperative is a project of more than 3,000 coffee-growing families in central Huila. The coffee beans are carefully selected by trained coffee growers with great experience in the world of coffee growing.

This coffee has been treated in the beneficio of Descafecol where it has followed a process to eliminate 97% of caffeine with fresh water and ethyl acetate, which is extracted from sugar cane naturally. To get an idea, a ripe banana has 20 times more ethyl acetate than this decaffeinated coffee and the residues are minimal.
During the process, the beans are steamed at a low temperature and the beans are moistened in hot water to start the hydrolysis of the caffeine.
The coffee is then washed with fresh water to remove any traces of ethyl acetate, and allowed to dry in vacuum drums.

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