Colombia Wilton Benitez - Silver

Stone Fruits,

Producer Wilton Benítez
Process Thermal Shock, Controlled Fermentation with Microorganisms, Washed
Region Cauca, Colombia
Variety Red Bourbon
Altitude 1930 masl

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The Project
Granja Paraiso 92 is a family farm producing different varietals using highly innovative cultivation systems. It also has its own microbiology laboratory, quality laboratory and processing plant. All this allows these coffees to have distinct, unique and standardized profiles and notes.

Chemical engineer transformed into world-class coffee grower, Wilton Benitez is known for his evasive and acclaimed thermo shock processing techniques. He has a lifetime of experience in the production and processing of exotic coffee, with several awards for the quality of its coffees.

The Cauca region is closer to the equator and receives the most hours of sunshine throughout the year. It has a stable climate throughout the year and the farms enjoy the protection of the high mountains from the winds and humidity that comes from the Pacific.

The Coffee
Wilton’s coffee is extremely special due to three main factors: the first is the double fermentation method, the second is the microorganisms used at each stage, and the third is the technology he uses for soaking the beans with hot then cold water, which is called thermal shock.

There is another important aspect of his processing, the drying method.

He uses a process called controlled drying, which is done with equipment rather than natural drying in the sun. Wilton developed a special instrument just for drying the beans. With this equipment, he is able to control and set programs that adjust temperature and drying speeds. This enables him to have more control over the temperature and treatment of the beans and guarantee consistent high-quality to his customers.

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