Costa Rica - Linda Vista

16,00 60,00 

Variety Villa Sarchi, Caturra
Process Red Honey
Region West Valley
Farm Linda Vista
Producer Noilyn Paniagua / Café de Altura
Altitude 1600 masl


Red Berries,
Sugar Cane.


Café de Altura was established in 2004 after the breakup of a cooperative, when several Costa Rican small-scale producers joined forces to purchase the company. It stands out for its unique ownership structure, with over 570 local producers collectively owning the company.

Approximately 20% of the coffee sourced comes directly from these producers, while the rest is purchased from more than 3,500 small-scale farmers.

Costa Rica, as a coffee origin, has focused on improving production and processing to compete in the high-quality coffee market. In this context, Café de Altura pioneered the anaerobic fermentation method, which became a significant breakthrough for the company.

Anaerobic fermentation is now a standard method for specialty coffee.

It involves fermenting green coffee beans without oxygen. In contrast to traditional washed processing, anaerobic fermentation takes place in closed tanks without oxygen, activating dormant microbes and adding unique flavors to the coffee.

This method also ensures consistent quality by minimizing external influences with sealed containers and temperature control.

In regard to the red honey process, this method involves leaving a heavier amount of sweet pulp on the coffee cherry. Red honey processed coffees are known for their syrupy, full-bodied mouthfeel, dried fruit flavors, and lower perceived acidity.