Costa Rica - Café de Altura

12,60 48,00 

Variety Caturra, Catuai
Process Washed
Region Los Santos
Farm Café de Altura
Producer Small Producers
Altitude 1500 - 2000 masl


Milk Chocolate,


Café de Altura was established in 2004 following the dissolution of a cooperative, when several Costa Rican small-scale producers united to acquire the company. It is noteworthy for its distinctive ownership structure, whereby the company is collectively owned by over 570 local producers.

Approximately 20% of the coffee procured is directly sourced from these producers, while the remaining portion is bought from more than 3,500 small-scale farmers. Café de Altura sets itself apart as a sizable enterprise equipped with advanced processing techniques and machinery.

As a coffee origin, Costa Rica has concentrated on enhancing production and processing methods to compete in the premium coffee market. In this regard, Café de Altura spearheaded the anaerobic fermentation technique, which proved to be a significant breakthrough for the company.

Anaerobic fermentation has now become a standard practice for specialty coffee. It involves fermenting green coffee beans in the absence of oxygen. Unlike traditional washed processing, anaerobic fermentation occurs in sealed tanks without oxygen, activating dormant microbes and imparting distinct flavors to the coffee.

This method also ensures consistent quality by minimizing external influences through hermetically sealed containers and temperature regulation.