Colombia - Diego Samuel Bermúdez


Variety Castillo Rosate
Origin Piéndamo, Cauca
Process Controlled Fermentation with Yeast, Thermal Shock, Washed
Farm El Paraíso
Altitude 1920 masl

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The Project
Diego Samuel's coffee project starts on his parents' farm, El Paraiso, which is well-equipped for coffee processing. His passion for coffee, leadership, and eagerness to learn have driven his constant growth in coffee cultivation.

The family business has received various awards, including high rankings in coffee fairs and recognition for their coffee quality.

Diego Bermudez takes a scientific approach to coffee production, experimenting with different processes to create customized coffee profiles based on consumer preferences. He also emphasizes the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

The Coffee Process
Step 1: Harvest coffee cherries when perfectly ripe.

Step 2: Disinfect cherries with ozone and anaerobically ferment them in water for 36 hours.

Step 3: Pulping and demucilaging the coffee, followed by a 20-hour infusion with a culture medium containing flavor precursors. Thermal shock washing process is then performed to fix more precursors and prepare the coffee for drying.

Step 4: Dehumidify the beans to preserve flavor and prevent over-oxidation.

Step 5: Stabilize and store the coffee in a cool place.