Ecuador - El Alizal


Variety Batian
Process Natural
Region Quilanga, Loja
Producer Leonidas Jaramillo
Altitude 2000 masl

Notes Red Grapes, Almond Oil, Hibiscus.

Suggested for Filter, 125g


The Project.

The estate historically formed part of the extensive La Elvira hacienda and has been managed by the Jaramillo family for generations. They have upheld the tradition of coffee cultivation alongside other crops and introduced coffee varieties selected for their exceptional flavor and adaptation to the estate's unique microclimate. Additionally, they have implemented modern agricultural practices and advanced post-harvest techniques to enhance coffee quality and showcase its unique terroir. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in ecosystem revitalization, environmental conservation, and native forest preservation. The estate has been recognized for its excellence in coffee production both nationally and internationally.

The Process.

This varietal “Batian” was developed in Kenya as a disease-resistant variety. It is a crossbreed between SL28, SL34, Sudan Rume, N39, K7, SL4, and the Timor Hybrid.

Upon arrival at the farm's washing station, the cherries are washed and selected through flotation. Subsequently, the coffee cherries are placed in sealed plastic tanks to ferment for 10 days. After fermentation, the cherries are spread on African beds under direct sunlight to dry for only 4-6 hours. They are then transferred inside polytunnels to dry slowly for approximately 30 to 32 days.