Ecuador - Finca Eliza


Variety Typica Mejorado
Process Washed
Region Loja
Producer ChocoVilcaMundo (CVM)
Altitude 1740 masl

Notes Apricot, Chamomile Flowers, Tangerine.

Suggested for Filter, 125g


The Project.

Finca Eliza is part of ChocoVilcaMundo (CVM), an Ecuadorian agricultural company owned by Bernard Uhe and his Colombian coffee-growing family. In 2016, Martin and his daughters purchased the Eliza Coffee Farm in Loja, Ecuador. Martin's passion for specialty coffee was ignited during visits to Boquete, Panama, leading him to partner with Bernard to explore specialty coffee production. The exceptional quality of the coffee is attributed to various factors, including high elevation, fertile soil, mineral-rich mountain water, nutrient-rich shade trees, ample sunlight, and the use of neem and worm tea to enhance plant vitality and coffee bean quality, resulting in a delightful and healthful cup of coffee.

The Process.

Wet Process –
1. Harvest red ripe berries.
2. Wash red ripe berries and remove floating berries from the washing tank.
3. Ferment berries in bags for 48 hours, turning them every 12 hours.
4. Depulp berries and ferment depulped beans for 48 hours in bags, turning them every 12 hours.
5. Thoroughly wash the parchment in washing tanks.
Dry Process –
1. Place washed beans on raised drying beds, raking and turning them every 8 hours for a minimum of 10 days or until humidity ranges between 9.5% and 11%.
2. Store 45 kilos of dried parchment coffee in grain pro bags in a climate-controlled storage area, maintaining temperatures between 16 Celsius and 18 Celsius and humidity between 48% and 52%.