Ecuador - La Comarca

Green Apple,

Producer Daniel Burneo
Process Double Anaerobic Fermentation, Washed
Region Sozoronga, Loja
Variety Sidra
Altitude 1700 masl

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The Project 

La Comarca is a family farm established almost 100 years ago  for the production of beef and cow's  milk. The ranch was also used for the  production of co e, sugar cane, citrus  and fruits.  

With the passage of time, it began to  close its operation due to migration  of people from the countryside to  the city. Now, 4th generation family  members started with the specialty  co ee world. 

The farm is located in a Valley  called Malacatos 20 minutes from  downtown Loja. 

Weather ranges from heavy rain to  very dry depending on the season,  becoming a big challenge to keep  coffee beans in optimum condition. 

Despite this circumstances, Daniel  and his family achieve to deliver  sweet, clean and expressive coffees.

The Coffee 

So far, Sidra is the only variety grown  in La Comarca, which is a new variety  of hybrid coffee ee, made from Bourbon  and Typica.  

It combines the characteristics from  these two varieties. It has acquired  the dense sugars and weight of Red  Bourbon and the acidity of Typica. 


  1. Anaerobic fermentation in the  cherry for 96h. 
  2. Second fermentation with  mucilage for 48h. 
  3. Finally, beans are washed and let  dry in african beds at 50% shadow  for 25 days.


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