Ethiopia - Laayyoo Guji Uraga

13,00 48,00 

Variety 74110/74112
Process Natural
Region Guji Uraga, Ethiopia
Producer Haro Wachu station by Sookoo Coffee
Altitude 2120 masl

Blueberry, Panela, Papaya.

Suggested for Espresso.


The Project

The word "Laayyoo" refers to the indigenous tree that grows in the area, providing shade for coffee plantations and enriching the soil with its fallen leaves. Ture Waji, the founder of Sookoo Coffee, has deep ties to the Guji region of Ethiopia. Since starting his brand in 2018, he has established drying stations in Uraga and Shakiso, focusing on natural coffee production, with plans to introduce washed coffees in the future. Sookoo Coffee prioritizes education for farmers, offers pre-harvest loans, and implements a 'woman-first' policy at washing stations. Additionally, they have contributed to local infrastructure and built a school for children. Impressed by Ture's commitment to quality, traceability, and sustainability, we have partnered with Sookoo Coffee for three years. Excited for future harvests, we support Ture's initiatives, which include producing washed coffees, exploring new regions in Guji, and offering single farmer lots.


The Process

The Laayyoo Natural coffee is sourced from outgrower farmers in the Teraga area of Oromia, Ethiopia, and processed at the Haro Wachu station by Sookoo Coffee. Laayyoo Natural primarily consists of local varieties 74110 and 74112, chosen for their productivity and disease resistance. Cherries are delivered to the washing station at night to minimize fermentation. An extensive sorting process removes over and underripe cherries. The coffee is then dried on African beds under the full sun, following Sookoo Coffee's strict protocols, including a maximum layer density of 4cm and six times daily rotation. This meticulous process minimizes the risk of over-fermentation and defects, with a standard drying time of 21-28 days to ensure optimal flavor development. Sookoo Coffee's commitment to quality shines through in Laayyoo's unique characteristics: a silky mouthfeel, vibrant acidity, and a fruity, juicy profile.