Ethiopia - Moplaco

Variety Heirloom
Process Washed
Region Limu, Goma
Producer Mehamed Zenu Temam
Altitude 1600 - 1800 masl



Suggested for Espresso


The Project

Yanni Georgalis started printing and weighing coffee bags from the age of 12. He formed Moplaco in 1972 in Dire Dawa, exporting predominantly Harar Coffee around the world. Harar Coffee, is and will remain Moplaco's Star Brand, as we believe firmly that Harar Coffee is indisputably a coffee worth sharing and knowing.

Heleanna Georgalis, the director of Moplaco, lived abroad most of her life, Heleanna fell into coffee in 2008 through the force majeure of destiny. She has been riding the third wave of coffee through rough seas but has finally dived into the clear blue waters. Moplaco expanded both down and up the chain of coffee and now controls processing, and with it, experimentation; farming and with it, hardship; exporting with all its drama; and finally roasting, and with it fun.

After she took over the company from her father, they have expanded their involvement in the coffee chain to the whole process including production, milling, and retail.

Moplaco's logo, which resembles Mercedes Benz's, has a significant story behind it. It is inspired by the Imperial symbol of Haile Selassie, Ethiopia's last Emperor, representing the Power of the Trinity.

The name "Moplaco" stands for Mocca Plantation Company, reflecting the distinguished Mocca flavor of Harrar coffee. The blue color pays tribute to their Greek roots and also connects to the original color of Mercedes Benz's logo, which was originally blue till 1934.

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