Jairo Arcila - Passion Fruit Infusion

Passion Fruit,

Origin Quindio, Colombia
Variety Pink Bourbon
Process Controlled Fermentation
with Microorganism, Passion Fruit Infusion, Honey
Producer Jairo Arcila
Altitude 1400-1450 masl

The Project
Jairo Arcila is a coffee producer from Quindío, Colombia, who comes from a family of coffee producers and is the father of Felipe and Carlos Arcila, the owners of Cofinet.

He purchased his first coffee farm,Finca La Esmeralda, in 1987, and planted his first Caturra lot.

While working full-time for one of Colombia's largest coffee exporters, Jairo earned enough money to slowly acquire five additional farms: Villarazo, Mazatlan, Santa Monica, Maracay, Castellon, and Buenos Aires.

The Coffee
This coee was harvested in Villarazo, a farm located near Armenia, Quindio, where Jairo grows Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, and Tabi.

This coffee lot underwent a dry anaerobic fermentation process of 72 hours with the pulp still on,
during which passion fruit pulp and wine yeast were added.

The cherries were then pulped and placed to dry on raised beds with passion fruit pulp interspersed
among the coeffe until reaching the optimal moisture content.


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