Nestor Lasso - Colombia (Ethiopia)


Origin Huila, Pitalito
Variety Ethiopian
Process Double Fermentation + HORAS, Washed
Producer Nestor Lasso
Farm El Diviso
Altitude 1750 masl


Limited Edition Silver

The Project
Nestor Lasso and his brother Adrian decided to take a different approach from their parents and explore the world of specialty coffee and experimentation.

Together with Jhoan Vergara, also from a coffee farming family, established El Diviso by combining their family farms.Working together improved the quality of their coffee, which has been recognized in various barista competitions across Europe.

The partnership with Cat and Pierre from CATA Export was especially fruitful, as they collaborated on fermentation processes and protocols to produce award-winning coffees.It has also helped to provide career opportunities for young producers to stay in the coffee industry and pursue their passion.

The Coffee Process

To produce this coffee, the first step is to manually harvest the ripe cherries. Next, the cherries are selected using floats to ensure quality.

The cherries undergo anaerobic fermentation in a plastic bag for 24-32 hours, then are pulped and
oxidized for 6 hours.

The cherry leachate is captured and used for the next stage of fermentation, which lasts 28-32 hours.

Then, the beans are then washed to remove mucilage through thermal shock and dried in a
canopy for 16-25 days until they reach the desired moisture content.