Perú - Yolanda Cabrera

14,50 54,00 

Variety Typica Rojo
Process Washed
Region Sector Umapata, Distrito De Lares, Cusco
Finca Sampedroyuc
Producer Yolanda Cabrera
Altitude 2150 masl


Fine Herbs,


The Project
Yolanda Cabrera is a renowned coffee producer in the Cusco region of southern Peru, manages a 10-hectare farm where she cultivates high-complexity varieties such as Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, and Geisha. The farm's altitude contributes to slow maturation and high sugar concentration in the beans, resulting in a unique complexity. The cold climate, especially at night, further enhances maturation.

Yolanda practices agroforestry, intercropping her coffee plants with native species like Pacay and productive trees like banana, avocado, and cassava.

The coffee from the Sampedroyuc farm reflects the multi-generational effort of Yolanda's family, including her two daughters. While not organically certified, their crops are pesticide and herbicide-free, benefiting from the farm's altitude, which minimizes pest presence.

She employs compost and bioles for fertilizing her coffee plants, maintaining high harvest standards.

The Coffee
The coffee is grown in the Wet Temperate climate of the High Jungle of Peru, characterized by an average temperature of 20°C, moderate sunshine, and annual rainfall of 1,800mm.

The harvesting process is done manually, selectively picking only ripe cherries. After harvesting, the cherries are sorted to ensure only the ripest ones are used. The coffee is then sorted using flotation to separate dense beans from floaters and immature ones.

Following sorting, the beans are depulped and subjected to a brief anaerobic fermentation period lasting 36 hours in sealed GrainPro bags.

For drying, the beans are spread on beds or racks under a canopy, where they undergo drying for 16-22 days, depending on weather conditions.