El Placer - Colombia (PinkBourbon)


Origin Calarca, Quindio
Variety Pink Bourbon
Process Double Anaerobic Fermentation
with Microorganisms, Honey
Producer Sebastián Ramirez
Altitude 1650 - 2000 masl


Limited Edition

The Project
Sebastian Ramirez, from Quindio, comes from a long line of coffee growers, spanning four generations. Six years ago, Sebastian took the reins of his father's farm.

One day, while exploring the coffee scene in Armenia, he stumbled upon Alma Café and met an instructor from SENA who introduced him to the concept of cupping. Intrigued by this new world, Sebastian delved deeper into specialty coffee production.

Today, Sebastian has made a name for himself as one of Colombia's most renowned specialty coffee producers.

The Coffee Process
Step 1: Harvest and sort cherries for desired ripeness.

Step 2: Anaerobically process cherries in CO2 for 100 hours at 18°C.

Step 3: Pulped cherries undergo a second anaerobic process for 72 hours with a mix of coffee must, lactic acid inoculum, and lemongrass microorganisms harvested in their own farm.

Step 4: First drying phase at 40°C and 25% humidity for 20 days.

Step 5: Second drying phase under shading tarps for about 5 days.

Step 6: Pack beans in grain pro bags and stabilize for 15 days.

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