El Salvador - Los Pirineos (Bourbon)

13,35 49,40 

Variety Bourbon
Process Black Honey
Region Usultán, El Salvador
Finca Los Pirineos
Producer Diego Baraona
Altitude 1400 masl


Black Cherry,
Earl Grey.

Suggested for Filter and Espresso


The Project
Tecapa Chinameca's mountains are renowned for their high-quality coffee, thanks to their proximity to the ocean, ideal elevation, and nutrient-rich volcanic soils.

Los Pirineos farm in El Salvador's Usulután department, led by Diego Baraona, carries forward a rich coffee legacy spanning over 130 years.

Its unique microclimate of sunny days and cooling breezes, perfect for coffee production, processing, and drying, enabling the production of exceptionalhoney and natural coffees.

Los Pirineos maintains a coffee variety garden and nursery with approximately 70 different coffee varieties—a passion passed down from Diego's father, Gilberto, that he plans to continue as he shapes the farm's future.

The Coffee
The farm cultivates around 20 coffee varieties with Pacamara and Bourbon making up 80% of the farm's volume.

This lot of Bourbon coffee underwent Black Honey processing.

After harvest, ripe cherries are pulped and the mucilage is left intact. Pulped coffee is then spread in a thin layer on shaded raised drying beds. The shade slows the drying process compared to the other Honey processes used on the farm. Coffee is dried for approximately 25 days until it reaches ideal humidity.