Colombia - Yenny Esperanza Bermúdez


Variety Castillo
Origin Tambo, Cauca
Process Double Fermentation with Paraíso Yeast, Thermal Shock, Washed
Finca Pariso Villa Esperanza
Altitude 1870 masl

Suggested for Filter


Red Berries,


The Project

Yenny Esperanza Bermudez isa founding partner of Finca El Paraíso Villa Esperanza. She is the eldest of four siblings who embarked on a new coffee-focused lifestyle.

Finca El Paraíso Villa Esperanza was acquired in 2009 with the goal of creating a family business that includes the younger genera- tions. The farm spans 27 hectares (270,000 m2) and is situated at an altitude of 1,700masl.

Coffee processing takes place at Finca El Paraíso, where the family's trust in their ability to enhance coffee quality is unwavering.

Their objective is to continually improve both the productivity and the location of the farm, with a strong commitment to welcoming visitors and showcasing their excellent coffee.

The Coffee Process

Step 1: Overripe coffee cherries are selected to enhance red fruit notes.

Step 2: Cherries are disinfected with ozone and anaerobically fermented in water for 36 h.

Step 3: A culture medium with aroma and flavor precursors is created using mucilage and pulp. Beans are fermented for 12h with it and added pressure

Step 4: Thermal shock helps fix precursors and prepare the coffee for drying.

Step 5: Dehumidify the beans
to preserve soft notes, prevent over-oxidation, and avoid over-fer- mentation.