Daterra Masterpiece - Laurina


Variety Laurina
Process Anaerobic Fermentation, Natural
Origen Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil
Producer Daterra
Altitude 1200 masl

Suggested for Filter


Tangerine Peach,
Dulce de Leche.


The Project 

The Daterra Masterpieces are the best coffees from Daterra plantations and are completely processed using the Daterra Penta Process®. 

Those are coffees that score 86-89, fully traceable and usually used as single origins. 


The Coffee 

Laurina, or “Bourbon Pointu” is a rare varietal from the Reunion Islands of small, pointy beans that usually present a lower caffeine amount than other Arabica varietals. Our Laurina Natural was produced by leaving the fully matured cherries on the tree until they dried naturally, creating a very sweet cup with velvety mouthfeel, citric notes of yellow fruits and exotic profile. 

Natural Anaerobic Fermentation is a technique where the coffee cherries are placed inside a tank equipped with an airlock valve. As the fermentation progresses, CO2 is released and expels oxygen, making the tank anaerobic. 

This environment allows specific microorganisms to perform enzymatic reactions that increase coffee acidity and flavour.